Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Christmas Readers Theater

Christmas Eve day afforded our family an wonderful opportunity to gather in our home for conversation, a meal together, and opening presents.  A additional special treat for me was to watch our daughter Mindy Salyers with her husband, Steve, their son, Caleb, and older daughter, Kiara present a readers theater based on the draft of a script I had composed and invited them to present.  I have included the words below for your own reading, and will send you as a PDF the readers version of it arranged for four readers if you would like to request a copy by e-mailing me at

Readers theater by members of the Steve Salyers family.
May the names and themes highlighted in this short script point your attention to God’s greatest Gift to us, leading you to worship and praise Him as you celebrate the amazing birth of Jesus Christ, “the Word become flesh.”


God's Gift!
God so loved the world
that He gave.
Gave His only Son.

And the Word became flesh:

Born of a virgin,
Born of Mary,
Born in Jerusalem.

The Word became flesh
and dwelt among us.
"God with us."

The Law came through Moses.
The Law exposed our sin.
We fall short.
We die.
Grace and truth came through Jesus.

He came…
not to judge the world,
but that all who believe might be saved.

“The people who live in darkness
Have seen a great Light.”
The Light of the world,
The Light of Christmas.

Jesus is the true Light
that lights our way.

The gift!
The gift of God.
The Gift!
For all who will believe in Him,
The Gift!
For all who will receive Him,
The Gift!

"And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us..." John 1:14
Wonderful Counsellor,
to guide us.
Almighty God,
to help us.
Everlasting Father,
to comfort us.
Prince of Peace,
to calm us.
"God with us."

Joy to the World!!
The Lord is come!!
Let us sing!
Let heaven and nature sing!
O come!!
O come, Emmanuel!!


Dave & Pat Warren said...

Enjoyed seeing your Christmas Reader theater and seeing your testimony.

Mike Naylor said...

Thank you, John, for this wonderful reflection on the Incarnation.

John said...

Thank you, Dave & Pat; and thanks Mike, for acknowledging my Christmas readers theater. Praise God for the richness of the Christmas message of God's grace and pursuit of us as a light out of the darkness; indeed, His pursuit of us who "were formerly darkness" (Ephesians 5:8). May God bless and direct you and yours in the coming New Year for His glory.