Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rain after a Long Drought

A poem, written upon awaking this Saturday morning to the refreshing sound and fragrance of rain.  The light rain brought relief from heaven for both land and creature after a long, hot period of drought.  And, although you may disagree, it brought inspiration to me.

Prairie Coneflower, Tansy, Purple Coneflower in Dry Soil

Day after day,
the long repeat;
alone in dismay,
in blistering heat.
Hot, dry air,
scorching sun,
brown everywhere;
another day done.
Cracks in soil,
crop plants wither;
leaves reach a boil,
vapor gone hither.

Doesn’t God know
our land needs rain?
“Where is He now?”
-- our sad refrain.
But day after day,
in tired repeat;
We’re alone in dismay,
in blistering heat.
Tiresome days,
more restless nights;
forgotten in haze,
our past delights.

Then morning comes ‘round.
What do I hear?
A forgotten sound;
I want to cheer.
A fresh, cool breeze,
raindrops tapping;
once parched leaves,
now rustling, clapping.
A cool, quiet rain;
many tiny drops;
bring a glad refrain
from roots to treetops.

Birds sing relief
from drought and despair.
Drops from a leaf,
sweet smell everywhere.
Distilled from the ground,
lifted up in the air;
condensed to a cloud
then rain everywhere.
God doesn’t hide
when we need the rain.
He forgives our pride
and heals our pain.

Like gifts from above,
in tiny drops descend,
God’s mercy and love
are eternal, no end.
Year in, year out,
in faithful refrain;
God does His part,
and gives us the rain.
Our role is to thank Him,
and steward the land.
Each drop we “bank”
will serve once again.
We steward the rain,
by conserving the soil;
so the ground will retain
and sustain all life well.

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